What We Do​

Community Building

Grove Park Foundation is engaging with residents to bring about neighborhood stabilization and revitalization. We continue to learn and understand the needs and challenges shaping the local neighborhood landscape. Through an open dialogue, we are developing a program of partners and services, and have established a series of core goals and objectives to set a new course in Grove Park.

Making a Lasting Impact

Recognizing the limitless potential of this historic community in Northwest Atlanta, Grove Park Foundation is helping cultivate a new vision for the future of Grove Park. Working with the community and our partners, we will implement the following programs to help bring about holistic community revitalization and put an end to a cycle of generational poverty:

Mixed Income Housing

  • Stabilize existing homeowners
  • Rehabilitate damaged homes
  • Build new affordable and workforce multi-family housing units
  • Attract measured and appropriate market housing as conditions become appropriate
  • Reduce transiency
  • Reduce vacant lots and dilapidated structures
  • Provide a pathway from rental to home ownership through down payment assistance, housing credits, and favorable mortgage lending
  • Secure financial education partner

Cradle-to-College Education Pipeline

  • Built a high-quality school, early learning, wellness and school-based health center campus at KIPP Woodson Park Academy
  • Atlanta Public Schools committed $18.5 million to help construct Woodson Park Academy, Grove Park Foundation funded the other 50%
  • YMCA built a new state of the are wellness and early childhood center that includes 250 Head Start seats to Grove Park 


Community Wellness

  • Partner with Whitefoord INC, to offer health services to the community, and programs to Woodson Park Academy children and families: a $35 million fundraising campaign will leverage APS dollars to fund construction of the new Woodson Park Academy and adjacent new state-of-the-art community wellness center
  • Make healthy food options more accessible (grocery store, expand community garden)
  • Advocate and plan for new parks, trails, greenspaces and recreational fields

Arts & Culture

  • Restore the historic Grove Theatre in partnership with the Fox Theatre Institute as a center for community arts in Grove Park.
  • Increase arts education in Grove Park schools.
  • Create and support the Grove Park neighborhood community arts fund for ongoing and future programs

Economic Development

  • Attract new partners and collaborate with existing ones to focus job/workforce and entrepreneurial training programs
  • Incorporate mixed-use properties with housing, office, and retail components
  • Recruit and incentivize new businesses in viable employment centers
  • Obtain Opportunity Zone designation to encourage job growth and opportunity
  • Advocate for improved transit connectivity to support better access to jobs