What is a community quarterback?

Grove Park Foundation (GPF) is the newest “community quarterback” in the Purpose Built Communities network. In this role, GPF will align a set of investments in education, housing and wellness to create a healthy Grove Park neighborhood. GPF will bring diverse entities together to work effectively towards holistic community revitalization in Grove Park, with the goal of breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty. Priority will be given to ensure that Grove Park residents are engaged and included, that their needs and concerns are heard, and their talents are applied. As a community quarterback, the foundation also serves as a single point of accountability for funders, residents, and partner organizations who wish to engage and support this work in Grove Park.

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How is the Grove Park Foundation involved in the Grove Park community?

Grove Park Foundation engages the Grove Park community in a variety of ways. The foundation established the Grove Park Revitalization Committee, a monthly neighborhood leadership forum that meets to discuss resident needs, concerns and programmatic efforts. The committee is made up of neighborhood, faith and business leaders. GPF is also a member of the Grove Park Neighborhood Association, and meets regularly with Grove Park leaders and residents to hear concerns and address community needs. GPF is raising funds for a door-to-door community needs assessment to better understand the needs, hopes, fears, and dreams of Grove Park’s residents and families.

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Mixed Income Housing

What is being done to create new housing opportunities in Grove Park?

We are aligning partnerships to build new affordable and workforce multi-family housing units, including plans to construct 100 new mixed-income multi-family housing units with a targeted completion date of 2019. The goal is to offer an environment with high-quality construction and practical amenities surrounded by safe walkways and streets, thereby transforming the way residents view themselves and their neighborhood.

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How will you improve educational opportunities for residents?

A quality cradle-to-college education is a top priority for Grove Park Foundation. To date, we have secured $18.5 million in funding from Atlanta Public Schools for the construction of a new Woodson Park Academy, K–8 school building slated to open in 2020, obtained approval for KIPP schools to be the designated operator of Woodson Park Academy beginning in August 2019, and forged a partnership with the YMCA of Metro Atlanta to construct a new state-of-the-art community wellness and early childhood learning center (with 250 Head Start seats) adjacent to Woodson Park Academy.

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Community Wellness

Besides better schools and housing, what else is planned?

Quite a lot! We have partnered with the YMCA of Metro Atlanta to offer health and fitness services to the community, and programs to Woodson Park Academy children and families in a new state-of-the-art community wellness center. We are working with our partners to provide more healthy food options and to make them more accessible (e.g. community grocery store, expanded community garden).

We are helping develop plans for new parks, trails, greenspaces, and recreational fields. We are working on some exciting partnerships to restore the historic Grove Theatre, with a goal of developing a robust center for performing arts. Arts education in Grove Park schools is also a key focus of a partnership with Callanwolde Fine Arts Center.

Will there be new jobs and better services in the area?

Yes! We are attracting new partners and collaborating with existing ones to develop job/workforce and entrepreneurial training programs for Grove Park residents. We are developing incentive tools to recruit and attract businesses in viable new employment and retail centers. We will obtain an Opportunity Zone designation to encourage job growth and opportunity, and we will be strong advocates for improved transit connectivity to support better access to jobs.

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Support Us

How can I support Grove Park Foundation?

Grove Park Foundation is working with residents and neighborhood leaders, as well as public, private and community partners to understand and address Grove Park neighborhood needs. With your support, the foundation can ensure meaningful and sustained transformative change in the lives of Grove Park residents.

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