Canopy at Grove Park

Coming late 2021!

Columbia Residential is partnering with Grove Park Foundation!

This project will be one of the first the first multi-family property built in decades in the community and its primary purpose is to provide permanent affordable housing with a preference to low income households currently in the>neighborhood. Affordable and mixed-income housing is a critical piece of the strategy and one of the first elements that will be completed in the revitalization.

The new 110-unit development will include 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units in walk-up apartment buildings, amenities and features that make the new housing attractive to families of low and moderate income. It is aimed towards providing housing for low-moderate income households at risk of displacement in this area that is seeing rapid investment and accompanying acceleration of housing prices. The quality of the new development will reflect the Columbia Residential standards of excellence in design, construction and living features. The project architect (JHP Architecture & Urban Design) and engineering (Long Engineering) team are long-time partners with Columbia Residential in numerous award-winning developments. We expect we will utilize a construction partner whom we have experience with in high quality residential construction. The project will also incorporate the latest standards for green building/sustainability, handicap accessibility, and other best practices.